Twitch & Timehop-What You Need to Know

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It's not just the Millennials that should be up to date on the latest Internet tech crazes and trends and explosions-you should be too. And right now, nothing is growing faster than and

2607629-twitch was constructed around the idea that humans love to be voyeurs. No matter what another person is doing-cleaning, yawning, fighting, sleeping-we love to watch. Twitch plays on that desire but goes after an already booming industry: the gaming community.

Basically, you go to the site and can select a game, channel or specific user to watch/follow. Then you view them playing a game with their video image displayed in the bottom corner. You can chat with other watchers and the feed is displayed for the user.

TimeHop-See-What-you-Did-A-year-Ago-Today was invented for nostalgia lovers. You take a picture, and then a year from now, it will pop up on your phone or in your email. From "See your photos and updates from this exact day in history."

Here are the two sides to the Timehop app. One, "Cool, look what I did a year ago." Or Two, "I am very interested in my past everyday because my future looks so pointless and bleak and I must live through moments long since past."

At least on you can watch a fish play Pokemon.

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