What Windows 10 Means for SEO

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When Microsoft unveiled that 14 million people were using Windows 10 only one day after its release, it was clear that the latest operating system is here to stay. Aside from a new interface, Windows 10 comes packed with new features, most of which will have little effect on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A handful of these features, however, may require changes to our SEO strategies. We breakdown what features and changes may have impact the world of SEO.

Microsoft Edge

The Internet Explorer killer's goal was to compete with Google Chrome on speed and it has definitely succeeded. Faster page loading could lead to lower bounce rates for many sites that struggle with loading times. The integration with Cortana could definitely lead to increased web searches for those who are migrating from Internet Explorer, but we will cover Cortana later.

Right now, Microsoft Edge's lack of extensions and features may keep current Chrome and Firefox users from taking advantage of the browser, but over time we may see a shift over to Edge that will require websites to take advantage of its features. For e-commerce sites, Edge's on-screen annotation could potentially be used to share products and sources, but for now we have no means of tracking if visitors are annotating pages.


The personal assistant from Microsoft has become an integral part of Windows 10. If Microsoft's hopes come true, users will be asking Cortana for all of their questions instead of Google. This means increased relevancy for Bing listings. Additionally, Cortana is set up to automatically pull information out of web pages such as phone numbers, hours of operation, etc. This will put more importance on schema so that Cortana can find your business' information easily.

Windows 10 on Multiple Devices

With Windows 10 aiming to create a fluid experience across tablets, desktops, gaming consoles and phones, we might begin to see the influence each device has on search engines. This year Google changed their algorithm for increased mobile friendliness. Perhaps search results will be tailored to show more relevant results for gaming consoles. Be sure to keep an eye on which devices your users are finding you on and, if you haven't already, start work on making your website responsive.

Thoughtwire makes it our mission to adapt strategies as technology changes. If you want your website to perform better on Windows 10, call Thoughtwire today at (800) 367-2570 or contact us here.

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