Secret Military Bases Revealed on Google Maps

Really, I'm not sure how this hasn't become a bigger issue sooner. So the big time digital map makers like Bing and Google have been taking pictures, in the form of street view car cams, satellite images and topo maps, and combining them all on one platform. On a long enough timeline they are going to take a picture of something someone doesn't want them to display.I spy something secret... I spy something secret...[/caption]

And we're talking about governments here-not the huge list of people that have been shown by street car cams to be urinating and doing other embarrassing things.

Most recently, the government of India has accused Google of "polluting the Internet" with images and locations of secret military installations. In 2012, the search giant asked users in India to help fill any gaps and blank areas of the current mapping system.

At the time, India's government was fine with it as long as Google didn't collect and show "classified data." The request was made by the Central Bureau of Investigation of India. Now, if you bring up a map of India and search "military area," many classified and secret locations appear.

Where do you come out on this issue? Basically, with even the moon being mapped, it's going to be hard to really have a secret military base. But if it is easily detectable from the air, maybe it's not the best-designed facility.

One thing is for sure though, if you try to search "Area 51" on Google maps nothing happens. And no map appears in the knowledge graph either. As for secret-----(This blog was stopped by authority of the U.S. government. Please report back to the home page.).

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