Best Smartphone Plans September 2015

Best smartphone plans

Raise your hand if you like hidden fees, access charges, extra line fees and paying more than what is advertised. Right, not a lot of people like to be shown one price, only to pay much more at checkout.

Smartphones, cellular devices and mobile carriers all revolve around access and data plans. The consumer just wants a simple way to get the best deal without paying a bunch of extra charges.

AT&T and Verizon have been dominating the domestic landscape. But even though they are the most popular, they are not the cheapest carriers.

In an effort to catch up, Sprint and T-Mobile are offering some pretty competitive plans. Right now, Sprint's Family Plan is $25 per line. Four lines for a hundred bucks. You share data but you don't have to pay fees for the extra lines or to have them activated.

T-Mobile is offering a similar family plan, but without any roaming charges. Heading to Mexico or Canada? Call without extra charges with T-Mobile.

You can also negotiate with your carrier. Speak to a manager and see if they will price match. Some carriers will even buy out your existing plan. Do a little research so you can find the best plan.

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