Mobile vs Responsive-Know the Difference

Mobile vs Responsive

With Google's latest algorithm change that targeted sites that weren't mobile-friendly, many companies began quickly scrambling to figure out if they would be affected.

If you do not have a responsive or mobile-friendly website, you will be directly impacted by the new algorithm change. To put it simply, if your site isn't available to the mobile audience, Google is going to slowly punish your page rank. They believe that with the ever-rising mobile usage, a non-mobile site shouldn't appear on the first page of search.

Here's a quick overview so you understand:

A mobile site is a separate website from your current main URL. Usually there is a "dot mobile" or "dot m" attached to the URL. If you are on your mobile device, you may have the option of visiting the mobile site instead of viewing the desktop version on your small screen.

Mobile sites are nice and accomplish a lot of the same goals as a Responsive site, but there is that extra re-direct step.

A responsive site is a website that has content that will form-fit into any screen. When the screen size changes, the website responds and fits into that screen.

As long as you have a mobile site or a Responsive site, you at least have the chance of appearing on the first page of Google search. If you don't, you shouldn't rely on customers finding you online.

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