Go to the Stadium From Your Couch

It's getting harder and harder to attend live sporting events. Or at least this tirade is pretty popular on the afternoon drive sports radio show: "I can't go to the game. The tickets are so expensive because we pay the players so much and constantly build new ballparks and stadiums, then you have to pay to park, food and drinks cost a million and the seats aren't even that good-I have a better view from my couch."

A baseball team in South Korea is trying to change all that.

(Now, it should be stated that we, for the purpose of this blog, won't go into the argument about how amazing the stadium experience actually is-the sights, sounds, smells, bonding with friends, the ability to heckle a player and to get escorted out while in your college days.)

The pro team, The Hanwha Eagles, has replaced sections of their seating with "fanbots," robots that have your digital image and can stand up, clap, hold up signs, etc. (Just a thought, but I hope eventually there are fanbots for every human experience a human wants to replace, especially eating and breathing.)

The fanbots can be operated by any mobile device or Internet-supported machine. And that's kind of the main point-mobile technology is increasing at such a rate that you can now attend live sporting/theatre/promotional events from your smartphone.

The human experience is trending toward no experience at all.
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