How Google Trends Can Improve Your Social Media Presence

Google trends


If you haven't used Google Trends by now, your Social Media strategy has likely suffered. Launched in 2006, the tool has evolved to show us what others are talking about, almost in real time. In the age of social media, staying in touch with what your customers are interested in is integral to gaining those precious likes and shares. Learning how to use Google Trends is an easy way to improve your social media strategy.

Why Use Google Trends?

By understanding the topics and stories people are buzzing about right now, your business can strengthen its chances of being noticed on social media by commenting on the most popular stories concerning your field.

Let's suppose you are a cyber-security company struggling to get your social media posts noticed. By looking at Google Trends before posting, you could check to see if there were any recent "cyber-attacks" or security breaches that are trending online. If there are, then you can create a post talking about that specific story. The best part is that the sooner you make the post, the better it will perform! Here are some tips about what methods to use when writing content online:

  1. Answer questions others may be asking

  2. Ask questions to your audience

  3. Talk about tips, tricks and tutorials pertaining to the trending story

  4. Comment on news items. Try to start a dialog with your customers

  5. Quote others and contribute your own view

Always Use Caution Before Posting

While using trends to boost the power of your social media posts is recommended, be sure to understand why certain stories or hashtags may be trending. Too often, companies inappropriately use hashtags to promote their product. Do some quick research about the story or trend before posting. You may find that the hashtag is inappropriate for a business to use.

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