Online Reviews Matter More Than Ever

Word of mouth is alive and well-it's just in the form of digital reviews these days. And those reviews have a huge impact on the traffic and conversions you receive through your online interactions.

Just think about how most Americans find out seo experts in tirunelveli information-they do a search. That search leads to results. But the results don't stand alone. They come accompanied by stars, likes, reviews, etc. Even quotes and testimonials. And what a complete stranger says about an establishment matters-mostly seo agency in chennai because you are listening.

"82% of consumers surveyed considered user generated reviews ‘extremely valuable' or ‘valuable,' reported the Digital Marketing Depot.

Why are online reviews so impactful? One, the consumer doesn't have time to ask a bunch of friends or co-workers about the place. Two, for the most part, people aren't just lying for no reason when they leave reviews. Generally, they are simply writing about an experience so you can use that information to form your own opinion.


What does this mean if you are a business owner? The obvious answer is, generate more positive feedback about your operation online. But that can be confusing and convoluted. Instead, go after one area, complete your goal and then move on. You seo agency in madurai don't have to be dominant on all the platforms. Go after some 5-star ratings, then move to managing comments and responding, then focus on likes, then boost more with on-page ads, etc. Whatever your plan of action is, just make sure consumers can read positive information about you online, or they will be going with the competitor.

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