Search and School Rankings Come Together

Couple of rants about education before we get started: there's no point in being nationalistic, patriotic or fly an American flag if you're not concerned about how the future generations are being educated.


Without grown up humans living within a border, you don't have a country. And without our youth being taught the value system along with advanced concepts, there will be no America, as it stands now anyway. (And if you have a problem with how schools are being funded, with property taxes for example, then the issue is with funding, not with accepting the fact that we simply have to provide America's youth with the absolute best educational opportunities.) And now search wants to make sure you are sending your children in the right direction.

The search engine Bing, controlled by Microsoft, just announced they will be adding education rankings to results.

"They've added school ratings, rankings and academic indicators directly in Bing Snapshot. Microsoft says this works for searching for schools from elementary to high school to higher education. Bing displays how they rank nationally, within the state and their STEM rating. They also show nearby schools in the area and how they rank compared," reported Barry Schwartz.

The upgrade to the web crawler will be able to assist local residents as well as those that are thinking about moving their families to the area. It also works for higher education. So now, with a simple search, parents can get a better understanding of the facility and how the students do on test scores.

The rankings, however, offer no solution as to how to improve the schools with bad results and scores.

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