New Benefits of Pinterest for Businesses

Benefits of Pinterest Picture via Pinterest[/caption]

Pinterest, which has become one of the most popular visual bookmarking sites on the Web, was launched just over 5 years ago in 2010.

Its users love Pinterest because it helps them share and discover original and creative ideas. Whether it's a craft, a DIY construction project or a recipe, millions of hobbyists use Pinterest to fuel their ideas and try new things every day.

What started as a social network for crafters and housewives, has grown into something that encompasses all demographics and many more ideas. The platform supports infographics really well, which can act as visual fact sheets that do everything from rally people around a social issue to market a business.

Pinterest continues to evolve. "Buy it" on Pinterest will be available for businesses soon, where products can be bought and sold directly on the platform. Essentially, you can set up an entire marketplace where consumers can buy or Pin products they love.

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