Google is always up to something. That's how you stay the world's largest search engine and a billion dollar corporation. They are constantly innovating and changing the way we see the Internet. Now, without going into the ethics behind the practices of Google, they have once again altered our vision.

The DeepDream project is a way to enhance neural networks and bring them out on every web page. It started as a simple code project, but the newly created networks formed some pretty amazing art. From Google's blog: "We blogged about a visualization tool designed to help us understand how neural networks work and what each layer has learned. In addition to gaining some insight on how these networks carry out classification tasks, we found that this process also generated some beautiful art."

Look at the landscape shot below. A normal shot of water, rocks and sky gets "DeepDream"-ed into a paradise of color and shapes.

Google Deep Dream


Google has recently released the instructions on how you can create "DeepDream" images yourself. Someone even did a couple of minutes of the movie, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," to viral fame.

Slug your images with the hashtag #deepdream to join in on the action.

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