2014 World Cup Numbers--Winners & Losers

After today's semi-final match between Messi's Argentina and Robben's Netherlands, there will only be two games left in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The third place game doesn't quite hold much value so really, it's down to the ever-sought-after final. To hold the planet's biggest prize over your head while representing your country. But was it worth it?


Billions of fans and trillions of dollars surround the World Cup, but as the dust is starting to settle, who were the biggest winners and losers?

Jury is still out on: Brazil. The host country poured an estimated $11 billion into hosting the Cup, including constructing entirely new stadiums for the event. Sure, the local economy sees a boost, but most of the ticket and merchandise revenue goes straight to FIFA, a "non-profit" with over $1 billion in the bank. Plus their star, Neymar, suffered a vertebrae injury and they lost in embarrassing fashion to Germany, 7-1.

Losers: Tourists. Yes, going to the World Cup would be worth every penny regardless of how much, but prices rose dramatically in just four years. There was a 40 percent increase in the average price of a flight and packages for the final are offered at $50,000.

Winners: Social media and advertisers. 65 percent of FIFA's revenue is from TV rights. The World Cup was the most talked about event on every major form of social media. Those that used the Cup to showcase their products and services saw a huge increase in traffic and sales.

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