You Have No Internet Privacy

This is simply a public service announcement: everything you send, share, post, like, email and/put on the Internet may be recorded and used at a later date. Oh, everyone understands and knows that, right? Do you do online banking? Have you ever sent a message you only wanted one person to read? Ever sent questionable content? Ever looked at it? Ever sent a picture? Made a phone call with a mobile device?


For starters, understand that just because you are not a spy or terrorists doesn't mean your digital information isn't being stored. "Conversations intercepted by the National Security Agency are far more likely to have taken place between ordinary Internet users than legally targeted terror suspects," reported

Another thing to consider is how data gets lumped together. When Target was hacked right before Christmas last year, all of the cards and personal information became compromised, even though law enforcement speculated that the perpetrators were only after a select few accounts.

Lastly, it's good to understand that data doesn't just expire online. Facebook even keeps and copies the messages you're about to post but delete beforehand. All of your online actions, monitored and housed by government agencies and trillion dollar search engine companies.

"Once you put something on the Internet, it is there forever," said two-time Superbowl winner Jerod Cherry.

How many people in their young 20s are expecting to run for office in their late 40s? They say your character is judged when no one is watching; perhaps that should be an online policy as well.

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