Bing & Twitter Combine-More Digital Alliances

Have you started to notice a trend? Everything is connected. It used to be, one company made the hardware. Another the operating system. Then the browser, platform and website itself were all different entities as well. Then someone realized, wow, we could make a trillion more dollars if we were mobile and web. If we had phones and websites. It didn't take long before the mergers, buyouts and acquisitions started happening like wildfire, where a handful of big players looked to own it all.

[caption id="attachment_174" align="alignnone" width="300"]Two black holes are about to merge. Only time will know the result. Two black holes are about to merge. Only time will know the result.[/caption]

In the latest combination of the total control digital marketing strategy, the search engine Bing and social media giant Twitter are combining once again. Back in 2009, the two companies began their partnership but have recently gone to new levels.

"Tweets have been showing up in Bing search results for some time. With Bing's latest round of new Twitter-related search features, users now can perform hashtag searches to find topics trending on the social media platform, as well as search for specific Twitter handles and celebrity-related tweets," reported Amy Gesenhues.

So here's how it is breaking down now with all the major players and their associated platforms:

Google: a privately held company with founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin controlling 56 percent of stockholder voting power. Google owns YouTube and Blogger, has total control of search traffic, produces a Google Phone (like the Nexus 5) and created the operating system Android. The Chromebook will also look to replace laptops and the soon-to-be-dead desktops.

Apple: has the iPhone, iPad, iTunes and iPod, so they have all the devices not only covered, but based on sales, Apple is number one. Apple lacks in the search department, however, as Safari leaves a lot to be desired. Many use Apple devices to access the digital universe, but that's where it stops.

Microsoft: they will always have Windows, the operating system used by the most humans on the planet. And they have search covered with Bing and Internet Explorer (although IE may only be used by three people). And gaming with the Xbox. Recently the Windows phone sales have increased and the operating system can be used across all platforms.

Yahoo is declining because of a lack of devices and Amazon is trying to nudge their way in with their new Fire phone. Who will be left, five years from now?

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