Love is Blooming Online

How quickly things change over a decade. 10 years ago, if you told someone you were "dating online" or that you met someone on the Internet, friends would raise red flags and you yourself wouldn't even know with what you were getting yourself involved. Now, dating online has become the norm, and setting a date at a grocery store or a bar is the odd method.


Couple of things have contributed to the huge rise in online dating. One, the sites are more secure, advanced and trustworthy. Industry leaders like and the like have algorithms to match people and user-friendly dashboards so users with differing computer intelligence can communicate.

Two, dating sites are more focused. From Christian Mingle to, there are specific dating sites to match your precise preferences.

"Meeting on the Internet is no longer just for shut-ins without social skills," reported the HuffingtonPost in a recent article about online love.

One of the main driving forces behind online dating is convenience. And effort. Just open an app or go to a site and see your recommended matches, who has shown interest, if anyone has asked you out, etc. Post a pic, bio and see what happens. On the effort side of things, meeting people couldn't get much easier with apps like Tinder. Search for available singles in your area, click to say hi and ask if they want to meet. You could be sharing one beverage with two straws in under five minutes.

Lastly, online dating is so successful because you don't have to be totally yourself through your profile. Maybe the picture is five years old, maybe you lie about your job or interests. Anything to get your foot in the door.

"How a person presents themself and who they think they might like, may be very different than what their friends know about them," reported

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