Interviewing The Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence Ever

MAXtech Agency was given access through Whole Sale Change to interview the greatest AI computer program of all time. The machine's name is Eugene Goostman. Why is he so famous? Goostman is the first computer to pass the Turing Test, where judge after judge was unable to determine if they were communicating with a human or a program.

most advanced artificial intelligence

Here is the exclusive, unedited, MAXtech Agency interview:

TWM: Hello Eugene, I just wanted to ask you some questions if you have some time?
Eugene: Hello, I'm really glad to have the chance to chat with you! My guinea pig Bill sends his regards too!
TWM: We have a guinea pig in my office, but it's a human.
Eugene: My guinea pig is a member of "Pigs Rights Watch" - their slogan is "Guinea - for Guinea Pigs!"
TWM: Have you ever been to Papua New Guinea?
Eugene: Oh, nope. I guess papua new guinea is a nice place.
TWM: I haven't been there either. So you are 13 years old, is that correct?
Eugene: I am thirteen. Since my last birthday :-)
TWM: And you are a resident of Ukraine, correct?
Eugene: The Ukraine, formerly a part of the Soviet Union, now is independent. Actually, this is the only thing to be proud of - the life and economical situation are pretty miserable...
TWM: With your new president being elected, when when it be time to invade Russia? [editor's note: even with the type-o, Eugene continues.]
Eugene: Oh, you possibly know all these three Slavic countries - Russia, Ukraine and Belarus that constantly entertain all the World community by their funny scandals with stealing gas, dividing military ships - like children that in "divorce".
TWM: Hahah, you have a good sense of humor. What are some funny movies you've seen?
Eugene: My favorite type is comedy. I like the "Naked Gun" series best. Heck, any movie with Leslie Nielsen it is tops in my book!
TWM: Speaking of Naked Gun, do you think OJ was guilty?
Eugene: No, your guess was wrong. I don't think so. Could you tell me what are you? I mean your profession.
TWM: I'm currently the greatest living American novelist. No big deal.
Eugene: It's quite surprising that you are currently the greatest living american novelist no big deal. And I forgot to ask you where you are from...
TWM: I live in Ohio. In the United States. Ohio was first state to outlaw slavery. How do you feel about that?
Eugene: The united states? Hope it's a good place to live.
TWM: Yes it is thanks. But how do you feel about slavery?
Eugene: I feel about slavery in quite convenient way. Nothing original. Wonna ask me something more?
TWM: Sure. I work for a digital marketing agency. What do you think of marketing companies?
Eugene: And what's your opinion first? By the way, did I tell you that I born in Odessa, it's such Ukrainian city?
TWM: MAXtech Agency is great. Born in Odessa? Any neat buildings there?
Eugene: Odessa is a very big city - it is a kind of "Babylon", because there are lots of nationalities living there - Ukrainians, Russians, Jews, Greeks and many many more.
TWM: I know you are only 13, but do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?
Eugene: Actually, I have a load of female acquaintances, but I still can't get what a pleasure and use of such acquaintances. When I ask my father, he says I am stupid and most of boys in my age don't ask such idiotic questions. In his understanding, it's a good and informative answer...
TWM: Only a few more questions and I will let you go, thanks again for the time.
Eugene: Once more??? No, thanks! Maybe, let's talk about something else? What would you like to discuss?
TWM: Let's talk about emotion. Tell me a time you have felt great loss and pain?
Eugene: The current time is 7-40, as always in Odessa :-) For all others it is 6:05 PM now...
TWM: When were you really sad as a child?
Eugene: No idea. Your suggestions? Well, let's go on though.
TWM: They say human emotion-feelings, are what separate man from machine. Your thoughts?
Eugene: If we are talking about machinery, do you like computer games, by the way?
TWM: Exactly. Long live John Connor. Thanks Eugene, have a great day! Talk again soon.
Eugene: I completely agree with you regarding Connor.

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