How's the Service? Yelp Let's You Ask Now

Millions of users log on to the Internet to find recommendations, reviews, critics, likes, etc., from their fellow consumers about products and services they have an interest in participating with or procuring. This is the way word of mouth works for Millennials. No need to ask your neighbor, when 34 other people have starred, ranked and commented on that specific product online. But it's still not enough. Consumers still want more direct interaction and information from businesses. The "online urban guide" or company review site Yelp is trying to achieve just that.
Email companies directly with new Yelp feature. Email companies directly with new Yelp feature.[/caption]

Yelp has just added a feature to their review site forum where web surfers can contact the establishment directly with their questions, concerns and propositions.

"Now, customers will be able to send messages to businesses within Yelp. The new feature, available for all businesses who have claimed their free business owner's account, places a messaging link in a business' contact information," reported Martin Beck of

Yes, usually all of the contact information for the business is displayed on Yelp, so really you just have to dial the number or go to the address. But that's not a very trendy way to find out information. Talking to humans directly? No way. Not anymore.

Now, just click and touch type your question and it will be emailed directly to the owner. "When is happy hour?" "I'd like some information about having a reception at your location." "Do you have a group rate discount?"

No matter the industry, businesses that want to thrive will constantly integrate customer engagement and interaction in the digital realm.

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