What You Need to Know from Apple's Developers Conference

Developers Conference


Every year, people in marketing, tech, development and search engine optimization anxiously await the announcements and changes from Apple during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Instead of watching hours of videos or reading lengthy recaps, here are the most important aspects of the conference and how they will impact your life:

New Operating System

The new iOS9 will be released in the fall. If you have an older iPad or iPhone, the operating system will actually work on your device! Also, there's a new power save feature, so when your battery starts to get low, it will take longer for your phone to die.

Remembering You

Apple knows you have habits, so the goal is for your phone to anticipate what you are going to do before you do it. For example, if you plug in your headphones to the jack, your music will automatically get pulled up. Do you listen to a podcast every morning? Then it will be up and ready for you to hit play before you even roll out of bed.

User Experience

the Apple watch is just one way Apple wants to connect you to your devices and data. Voice recognition, fingerprints and passwords will all be integrated so you have easy access to everything in a fast and secure way.

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