Google Continues to Battle Payday Loan Spam

Hey, you there! You probably need a loan, right? Come on, let's go buy something. If not something completely new, let's upgrade you current model. Don't worry about the interest rate, how much my employees are being paid or if we've ever been bailed out by the government because of our poor businesses practices. War_loan_LCCN2003675224.tif

Sound slightly familiar? Anyone with an email account or a social media presence has probably received a spam email from a loan company promising the deal of a lifetime. Bulk emails don't care who reads them, they just want to be read. It doesn't matter what your situation is in life, a payday loan is always a good idea, the spam argues.

No more, says Google. Within weeks of a previous update, Google announced via Matt Cutts at SMX Advanced that a new (and now third) version of its PayDay Loan algorithm will be launched this week.

The last version, 2.0, went after spammy sites and the latest version, 3.0, is set to target spammy queries. It's not just loan companies the search engine is targeting. Pornographic sites and ecommerce sites have been guilty of the same practices as well.

"We just started a new ranking update today for some spammy queries," Cutts said.

Time will tell how well the algorithm will work, but in the meantime users everywhere can do their part by reporting and not clicking.

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