Marketing World Braces for Planet's Largest Event

It will be impossible to escape the (copyrighted) 2014 FIFA World Cup from infiltrating your life over the next month. Even when starting to research for this blog, Google had already begun, making their Doodle a clickable icon that turns the company name into a dancing Brazilian collage.Are your marketing goals in the right place? Are your marketing goals in the right place? The key for marketing agencies is taking advantage of the massive platform of the once-every-four-years tournament. For the huge corporations and business entities, this won't be a problem. Coca-Cola, Adidas, Sony and Visa, for example (and just to name a few), all are official World Cup sponsors. So their brand, message and products will be plastered, painted and coated all over everything, coverage related.

Even non-official sponsors, like Twitter, that are still backed by millions, have the human power to blend their products with the almighty World Cup. "Love every second. Join every chant. Celebrate every goal. Our new World Cup features put you at the center of all the action, wherever you are," wrote Twitter in a spam email to its users, followed by a call to action button of "Choose your team."

What can the smaller and more local businesses do to compete with the big ad campaigns from Fortune 500 companies? Nothing. And that is just fine. Here's why: smaller companies simply can't compete-and they don't need to do so.

The key to incorporating an event watched by billions is to be extremely specific as it relates to your industry. If you own a tire company and you're on social media, don't end your tweet with #WorldCup. That just throws you into a social pool of millions. #WorldCupTires will allow you to stand out in your field.

Whether it is drink and food specials during the games or discounts when your team wins, marketers that are specific and proactive will reap the benefits of soccer's greatest moment.

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