The Fun Side of Search

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) can be a bit boring at times (to put it nicely)-constantly studying and staying up-to-date on algorithm changes, monitoring front and back end processes on websites, adding new technology and innovation to appear first on search, etc. Although a rewarding task, SEO can be a lot like a construction project-putting a lot of hard work into bettering someone else's environment.

                                    979188_34652458 Google's eggs are hidden in the program. Can you find them?[/caption]

But SEO and search don't always have to be rudimentary, technical and bland. Google "Easter Eggs" are just one example of enhancing the user experience while making web browsing fun for the professionals as well.

Easter Eggs are intentionally hidden messages, actions, images or other inside jokes programmers make while building different platforms. They span games, portraits, movies, theme parks and any form of media where layers of deception can be applied.

In the arena of web crawlers, Google has implemented several different Eggs that you can try out for yourself right now. Just open the search engine and type in these words:

Tilt-the screen does just that.

Do a barrel roll-grab a jet ski for your computer.

Zerg rush-play a video game on the Google homepage. Not advisable at work.

Festivus-the spirit of Seinfeld lives on.

If you watch videos on YouTube, here are some more recommended Egg fun:

Do the Harlem Shake-your computer will obey.

Use the force Luke-test to see if you have the power of the Jedi.

Clocking-not sure why, but this exists.

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