Google Algorithm Change for May 2015

If Your Website Hasn't Adapted, Your Ranking Will Drop

Google Algorithm Change

No one in the search engine optimization (SEO) world was surprised that Google, once again, changed their search algorithm. Earlier this month rankings and signals began changing, which lead us to believe Google was altering their search algorithm.

Dubbed, "The Quality Update," the new change centers around how the search giant processes signals of quality. There are hundreds of factors that go into the formula to determine the value of your website. Fresh engaging content, optimized images, back links, mobile-friendly, etc., all get thrown into the algorithm machine and then results are created.

Google is now refining and improving that machine, and new aspects of your website are being considered and given more weight than before. If you are dropped from the first page of Google search, don't be surprised.

What we do know is that the change isn't an attack at the page level. Unedited and sloppy content pages saw the same hit as well-edited ones on the same site. It's about site performance overall.

Consumers and business owners want to know what they can do to make sure they are aligned with the new algorithm change so they stay on the first page of Google and ahead of the competition.

The first thing you should do is get your site evaluated by SEO experts to ensure you are complying. For a free SEO website evaluation click here or call Thoughtwire at 800-367-2570.

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