Google Search to Feature Tweets on Mobile Devices

We have speculated in the past that the combination of Google and Twitter would help alter the future of search. Today, Google and Twitter made announcements that take a step towards that reality.

From Twitter's Blog:

"We're excited to team up with Google to bring Twitter's unique, real-time content to Google's search results. Starting today, U.S. users searching in English will see relevant Tweets in their search results within the Google app (iOS and Android) and mobile web. The desktop version is coming shortly, and we have plans to bring this feature to more countries in the coming months." google search tweets Picture via[/caption]

Whether or not you're a fan of Twitter, you will start seeing content from the Social Media platform in Google search results. It makes sense considering Google's goal is to bring its users the most relevant search results and Twitter arguably has been the single best place to get real-time information on the Internet since its inception in 2006.

What This Means for Your Company

For your business, or brand - as it's generally referred to across various platforms online, having a presence on Twitter becomes extremely important!

Before, it may have been a great way to reach a slice of the 302 million active users on the platform or you may have struggled to reach an audience. But now, with Twitter profiles, Tweets and relevant hashtags all set to show up in search results, having Twitter becomes an online marketing must.

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