Trying to Monopolize Search

Google is the most used search engine with 11.9 billion monthly searches, beating out Yahoo!, Bing, Safari, etc. Google's rise to the top is mainly because they have continued to provide the best search results through their advanced algorithms that are constantly tweaked and improved upon. That is to say, Google didn't buy their way to the top; it was a result of free market consumers rewarding the best product with their business. But the customers still had a choice. One you may not be able to make very soon.
Search censorship coming to a computer near you. Search censorship coming to a computer near you.[/caption]

In a recent article in Search Engine Land, Amy Gesenhues reported that in the new Spider-Man 2 film, Peter Parker searches via Google, not Bing, like he did in the first movie. Gesenhues goes on to speculate that wasn't an accident, "Whether or not it was a paid product placement on Google's part is unknown, but speculates there's a chance money probably did exchange hands somewhere along the way."

A chance? Let's follow this line: Disney bought Marvel comics. Disney entered a multi-million dollar deal with YouTube, which is owned by Google. Disney and Google now share a common interest: profit margins. The result? Expect every Star Wars, comic book or princess movie to be saturated with Google platforms, devices and advertising.

Prima facie, no big deal, this is American capitalism at its finest. Two giant companies combining for a universal effect. But the reality is a monopoly. And controlled search. It will soon get to a point that negative articles and press about either Disney or Google simple won't show up on search. And no matter the keywords or queries, you will receive the results they want you to see. Too paranoid and delusional? Right, because 1.35  billion Chinese don't deal with censored search on a daily basis.

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