Critical Security Update for WordPress Websites

Millions of websites are powered by WordPress. The popular content management system is easy to use and has great plugin architecture. All that popularity and exposure comes at a price, however, as hackers and cyber criminals constantly go after the platform.


In the last week of April, new threats to WordPress emerged, as cross-site scripting bugs allowed the attackers to change and add code into the HTML content. The bug gave the attackers the ability to retrieve passwords, manipulate content and perform changes to the website and layout.

WordPress was quick to respond with the WordPress 4.2.1 Security Release. After one week, it was downloaded over 6 million times. If you have a WordPress site, download the new version here.

In order to make sure your WordPress site is protected going forward, there are two key things to keep in mind. One, make sure you have the latest updates and secured WP Hosting. You don't have the time to constantly monitor and maintain your site, so make sure it is protected with the correct hosting plan. Find out if your hosting plan has the WordPress security you need by clicking here.

Two, keep your passwords and personal information in a secured location. Never give out those details to a third party and if you notice something odd with your website, get it checked out right away.

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