The latest Facebook news

Latest Facebook News

There are a lot of changes going on at any given moment in the social and digital world, and we like to keep you updated as we discover them - to keep you up to date and aware for your future campaigns and endeavors.

Today's news is all about Facebook, and before you go thinking it doesn't apply to your business, know even the smallest news in Social Media could give you a leg up on the competition.

So what's new with Facebook? Well, there are several things actually.

1. Facebook made it easier to find events to attend

How, you ask? By allowing you to subscribe to events from specific pages. So let's say you see a local concert coming up in your area and want to know the scoop as soon as it's posted. Just click on the Events subscribe button, and you're all set! You can even keep track of however many events you want from your events dashboard in the app on your phone or PC.

2. You can use Facebook for thank-you notes

You may have thought these were a thing of the past, but people still enjoy receiving them. And if you can't send a handwritten one, the next best thing besides an email? Facebook. This way, it's a public way of showing gratitude, and it's quicker than snail mail. This isn't really new, it's just that now you can tag your friend in the pic of the gift they sent you, and send a thank you message letting them know how much it meant to you. Ok, so they're not actual thank you notes, but they work just the same only on a public stage.

How can your business utilize this? Take a picture of the note, item, person, etc. and tag the other company or person you do business with who you're thanking. Simple as that!

3. Facebook is trying to reel teens back in with upgraded Messenger features

JibJab, Bitmoji and Stickered are all in the mix for ways to get teens back to Facebook. JibJab is of course the one where you can create wacky, custom GIFs; Bitmoji is where you can put emoji characters on a person's face; and Stickered is a digital sticker app. Will it work? Well, it remains to be seen, but ones things for sure - Facebook isn't going to stop innovating any time soon.

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