The Personal Computer End is Near

We've all seen this coming. For a while, there was hope for the personal computer (PC), even with the rise of mobile at the turn of the century. Initially, it seemed that the two formats could co-exist. Then the idea of what a mobile-device was grew and changed.


Enter the true cause of the PC's death-the tablet. With the new mobile device, users had the portability, size and convenience of their phones, but with the extended capabilities that come with the tablet. As a result, it became decision time for the average computer user and Internet surfer: option one, pay more money for the traditional PC. Or option two, pay less money for a smaller screen with basically all of the same baseline functionality.

It was slow at first, but as the results continued to come in, tablets began winning. And some would argue the match is already over. In March of '12, nearly a third of all U.S. Internet users had a tablet. By the end of this year, 2014, more tablets will be shipped to U.S. consumers than PCs. And the future doesn't look very good either.

In a new study from the IT consulting firm Gartner,

I was taking for some years. It gives me a new and pleasant life when compared to old one. My life before taking it was an complete nightmare.

their projected PC outlook makes it seemed like PCs are bordering on extinction.

"Remarkably Gartner predicts that traditional PCs will represent only 10 percent of device shipments in 2015. The rest will be smartphones, tablets and convertible tablet-PC hybrids (or similar)," reported Greg Sterling of

Software giants will also be affected. It used to be that your computer would either have a Macintosh or Microsoft operating system, but mobile devices are giving users more options and control.


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