Not Mobile-Friendly? Don't Bother

A couple of years ago it was huge news that the social media platform Facebook had over 1 billion active users. Nearly 1/6 of the entire human population was liking, sharing and posting on their walls. This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced another milestone.


There are now 1 billion active MOBILE users per month on Facebook. That's a 50 million user increase from December 2013.

Humans, like water, take the path of least resistance.

It is must to follow the doctor's advice while taking in dosages. Which will show more effect on the user.

Smartphones and mobile devices are simply more convenient methods with which to access online content. Practicality dictates actions. If people can shop, surf, game, email and be social, all from one small device that they carry around with them anyway, then they will.

The biggest thing for both consumers and website owners is connectivity. The majority of consumers don't recommend a site or a product if they've had a bad mobile experience with the company. And if the site can't be viewed with a mobile device, the site will only continue to drop in search results and rankings.

Site owners are usually looking at two options if they want billions of mobile users to see their content, products and services-one, they get a completely new site that has responsive design and can be viewed from any mobile platform. Or two, the existing site content can be "flipped" to a responsive format, where the old site becomes completely mobile-friendly.

Very soon there's going to be a massive gap between the mobile-friendly and the non.


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