SEO Update-Content Key to Boosting Rankings

At MAXtech Agency, without patting ourselves too hard on the back, we have talked about the switch to content-focused SEO marking plans since before Hummingbird was even unveiled. The days of keyword stuffing, bad link building and other Black Hat techniques are dying and almost dead. The search engines keep evolving, but one thing has remained throughout the changes-content is king.


A new marketing survey by the Custom Content Council revealed that content marketing budgets have continued to rise, currently sitting around $44 billion. Needless to say, a very high price tag and priority have been placed on digital content.

OK, content is important, we seo agency in madurai already know that, so what? The key is matching your search engine optimization (SEO) approach to that of your content. Yes, you still have to create the good sentence structure and flow, but why not make your marketing message help you appear higher on the search engine results page (SERP)?

One of the first things to consider is that search queries themselves are becoming more "long-tailed," or more resembling that of actual speech. The algorithm was adapted to accommodate the big increase in mobile searches and quires done through Siri and the like, where users say what they are thinking, often in elongated sentences.

Aid your SEO efforts by writing content that engages your audience while helping the crawlers ID your products and services.

"Yet, with the fusion of media comes a fusion of minds. The modern-day marketer balances left- and right-brain thinking. They use seo experts in tirunelveli SEO and technology as an enabler and distributor, using content marketing creativity to build holistic content and SEO programs that result in measurable business outcomes," reported Jim Yu in his 3-step alignment of content and SEO.

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