Blogging and TV to Combine

Originally, blogging was something disgruntled Internet users would do in their parents' basements, without pay, and on a forum that didn't restrict their writing style, prose and most importantly, subject matter.


New Ways to Blog

 1.1 billion dollars later, a lot has changed in the world of blogging. That's the price Yahoo paid for the number one blogging platform, Tumblr, in May of 2013.

There are a couple of major factors that have

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contributed to blogging's high price tag. One, writing blog posts and search algorithms are a good match for one another. The web crawlers are constantly searching for proof that your site has authority, new content and offers new information that will add to the user experience (UX).

Two, almost anyone can blog. That means, from little Sally in middle school to the New York Times Bestseller authors, it's easy for all types of people to create and post new content on their blogs.

Shortly after the Tumblr sale to Yahoo, the site started having sponsored posts, aka ads, on the platform. Once this revenue stream was realized, it didn't take long for Tumblr and other social mediums to start reaching agreements with TV networks.

"Viacom - the parent of channels like MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central - will inject custom content developed for Tumblr's blogging platform that connects to shows and events on its networks, using Tumblr's suite of ad products," reported

Television networks want more of a presence in online communities to spread their name, brand and shows.

"Tumblr is a rich environment for creative collaboration with advertisers and an immersive platform for us to tell our story in the fun, authentic voice of our brands," said Viacom Media.



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