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Since the beginning of the Internet, companies have been looking to use the powerful system of interconnected computer networks to sell their products and services.

Internet marketing has drastically changed since the early days of keyword-stuffing and creating bad backlinks. Google and Social Media are probably the main factors in the evolution of online marketing.

With Google emphasizing user experience and a wide array of factors for ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and Social Media being as powerful as ever in getting eyes on your business, it's essential to stay ahead of the curve and exhibit forward-thinking when it comes in online marketing in 2015 and beyond.

Here are 5 ways your online marketing can improve:

1. Have a mobile-responsive website: In 2015, your website must be found easily on a smartphone or tablet. Having a high-quality, fast-loading mobile website will satisfy your customers and help your SEO efforts.

2. Create and share more video: Video travels more easily now than it ever has. YouTube was instrumental in popularizing the "viral video," but now most Social Media platforms support embedded video. It's not go-viral-or-go-home, either. Creating explainer videos or video ads are important in spreading your message, even if they don't have 2 billion views.

3. Practice mobile marketing: Location-based marketing and beacons are becoming more popular in drawing foot traffic. Mobile coupons and contests are also effective in targeting shoppers during holidays or big events.

4. Create, find and share: Create content, find your niche and share what you have to say! It's a 3-step process that is easier said than done. However, creating high-quality content and finding the right places to share it will do wonders for your online marketing. You should have a strategy that incorporates your blog and Social Media.

5. Create a mobile app: Mobile apps aren't for everyone. They aren't necessarily one of the staples of a great online marketing plan but with Google announcing Mobile App Indexing and the continued rise in smartphone usage, if you can create a relevant mobile app for your business, all the better!

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