3 Tips for Using Hashtags Properly

We've all seen those Instagram and Facebook posts littered with hashtags for days. And of course the tweets that are barely readable due to so many mentions and hashtags. So you may be wondering, how many is too many? Is there a golden rule when it comes to using hashtags properly?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Using hashtags properly


The only reason to use a hashtag is to be found more easily. If it's not a real hashtag, or one that others have used, it's likely not going to make much sense. Now, if you're trying to start your own, that's great - way to be a pioneer. But if you're not trying to rally around a cause or movement and you don't have a huge following, you will get better results from using relevant, popular hashtags. This brings us to tip #1:

1. Don't use a hashtag just because it's popular

This goes back to being relevant. If you are trying to jump on the hashtag-of-the-day bandwagon, at least make sure your post and the hashtag coincide. Otherwise it's pretty pointless and obvious what you're trying to do. Remember, many of us want to be marketed to in a way that isn't so "in your face."

2. Don't use super-long hashtags

If I can't even figure out what you're trying to say because your hashtag is 45 characters long - you've lost your audience. Let's face it, hashtags are hard enough to read sometimes without complicating matters. So try to keep it to three words at most, to make it easier to read.

3. Three is the limit

Most social media professionals would agree that anything more than 3 hashtags and you're overwhelming the audience. This is especially true for Twitter, since you don't have as much to work with and space is limited. As with writing any kind of quality content, choose your words wisely. Quality over quantity always prevails.

In conclusion, there are many more tips we could share with you, but these are the most basic we thought you should know.

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