Mobile Takeover-How to be Prepared

The rise of the mobile machine is here, not going anywhere and will soon completely take over. What will it control? How we search, view the Internet, advertising, marketing, how we communicate and it will even force us to reevaluate our relationship with cancer.

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Given that reality, all is not lost. Not only can you prepare yourself and your business for the move to mobile, but you can make it work to your advantage.

The first thing to consider is usage. There are over 1 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, and within a few years the majority will be able to access online content with their device. Tablets are projected to outsell PCs this year and when Google's head of spam, Matt Cutts, was asked if mobile search would soon surpass desktop queries, Cutts said, "I wouldn't be surprised."

When any invasion is imminent, preparation is key. The longer you wait to make your products and services available to the mobile universe, the more leads, customers and sales go to your competition. With a quick Flip To Mobile, you can turn your existing site content into a responsive, completely mobile-friendly website.

Another key factor in planning for mobile dominance is aligning your marketing and advertising strategies with search engine optimization (SEO). "There are roughly 2 billion PCs in the world and more than 5 billion mobile devices. Thus it is inevitable that both mobile Internet traffic and mobile search will ultimately surpass the PC globally," writes Greg Sterling.

Make sure all of your content and site work is geared toward making you show up on the first page of the search results, so when consumers search with their mobile devices, they find and buy from you.

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