Google Keeps Getting Scarier

Google Secrets:

Secret Barges and Offshore Facilities 

There once was a company that helped you find things on the Internet. They accomplished this via a very efficient and easily updatable search engine. Like Kleenex and Xerox before them, to search for something online was replaced with "Google it."

When billions of people use your service and you make billions of dollars, the empire tends to grow.

In 2007, Google contacted the U.S. patent office and filed for a "water-based data center." The company responsible for helping you find "cats running into glass doors vids" is now pioneering technology like wave-based electrical generators, salt water cooling units and a floating seagoing "technology exhibit space."

At least they are being open about all of that, right? Nope. News Station KPIX-TV/CBS in San Francisco uncovered what would be later dubbed, "The Google Barge," a top secret superstructure docked in the bay.
he Coast Guard eventually shut down the project after safety concerns and a lack of exits. But originally, the Coast Guard was mute on the issue because they had signed a nondisclosure with Google.

When you build and work and experiment off-shore, you aren't tied to the same laws and regulations as you are on land.

The Google Barge was moved in the middle of the night to be scrapped, along with two other barges that were discovered off the shores of Portland, California, and Stockton, Maine.

Chances are, no one will ever know what was inside of those secret crates, but it's safe to assume many other special projects have already begun.

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