New Search Changes-What You Need to Know

The biggest event in search this month was the SMX West convention where industry leaders came together to discuss the future of search.

Why is search so important? How big has search become? Well, in 2012, Google was crawling 20 billion websites a day. Now, it is 1 trillion. There's no point in having a website if the user can't find it. Most people don't type in the URL exactly-they rely on search. Even when it is a URL they have memorized-if the URL is too long, the user will just search it for a quicker result.

New Search Changes









Here are some key takeaways from SMX West that you need to know for your digital presence and marketing strategies:

1. The search engine results page continues to change. It is even harder to have your website appear above the fold in organic search. With paid ads, the knowledge graph and format changes, you have to have amazing SEO or you will be lost online.

2. More users are finding direct answers. You need to create content and have your site set up so that Google and the other crawlers know what's on your pages and can show the answers people want.

3. Search results are becoming flooded with pictures, ads, comments, reviews and general information. The results page is becoming convoluted, so your website and content must stick out to be noticed.

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