Consumers Blame You For Incorrect Data

It is becoming more and more crucial for business owners to have reliable, accurate local business information online if they want to increase sales and stay ahead of the competition.


Over 1,000 U.S. adults were surveyed by Placeable and the results showed consumers want the correct information or they simply won't use the product or service, and if there is incorrect information, they blame the brand, regardless of where the real fault lies.

"The survey also found that the majority of respondents lost trust or confidence in a brand or business when online listings are found to be incorrect (73 percent) or when consumers get lost because of bad directions from incorrect location information (67 percent)," said Greg Sterling on the survey.

Realizing you absolutely have to have the right information on your site to guide consumers to your business and to promote positive brand awareness is one thing. Taking the next step to ensure your digital presence is secure, up-to-date and isn't getting manipulated by outside and third party sources is another.

Best approach is to have Hyper Local listings management, so someone else will be looking out for your business online. With Hyper Local, you don't have to worry about wrong directions, phone numbers, company information or other important details showing up wrong on you online listings.

If you're not safely promoting your business online, consumers will go to your competitors. "Just over 60 percent said that they would try a competitor upon seeing a special offer while searching for a specific business. That number went way up to 73 percent in the case of restaurants," Sterling said.

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