Website not Mobile-Friendly? Don't Even Bother

Google's new mobile-friendly ranking factor to affect millions of businesses

It's been a trend for the last five years and it's not slowing down-people's main access to the Internet is through a mobile device. Your smartphone, for example, is always within reach, it just takes a tap to get online and with so many WiFi hot spots, access is cheap or free.

Here's the value: billions of consumers get online to find products and services like the ones you offer. The majority of people do so from a mobile device. If you don't have a mobile-friendly website, you won't be found and customers will go to the competition.

Step 1: get a Responsive website so your content can be viewed regardless of the screen.

Step 2: get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your new website. Google has recently updated their mobile search algorithm. That algorithm decides what websites to put on the first page of search. If you aren't in line with the algorithm, your page rank will plummet and you won't get the traffic and sales you desire.

Where to get started with a new, Responsive, mobile-friendly website? Call the Design and Development team at Thoughtwire: 800-367-2570.

Already have a Responsive site but want to ensure you show up on the first page of search? Call Thoughtwire: 800-367-2570.

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