Tips for Selecting the Perfect URL

Google just outbid Amazon and the world for exclusive rights and ownership to the top-level domain ".app." Dot app only cost $25 million.

There was a time that you only had to worry about what came before ".com." Now, as the Internet exponentially grows, your website address has to hit the mark. Here are a couple of tips to ensure you are choosing the best domain name and gTLD:

Selecting the perfect URL



Don't overpay: Even if your store is called "Johnny's Bagels," and your feel like you must have, it's simply not worth getting into a bidding war or making a deal with the current owner that will cost you thousands.

Think locally: Come up with web addresses within your location, like, or considering your specific neighborhood. Remember, with the right SEO and web content, the web crawlers will know that you are a bagel store and that it's called "Johnny's." The URL doesn't have to be a perfect match.

Explore gTLDs: Google wouldn't have paid millions if they didn't think the future was in different endings besides ".com." Investigate johnnys.bagels or and similar gTLDs in your industry.

Buy common domains: As long as they are cheap, you can buy the ".net" and other versions of your URL. You can even do misspellings. If you misspell the Nissan Finance website, you are redirected to the Mazda homepage. They bought the misspelled versions of the Nissan web address.

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