SEO Tips for Bloggers

Blogs can be an invaluable asset to companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a stay-at-home mom trying to sell knitted scarfs, a well-done blog provides a better user-experience for your customers and helps your business be found online.

SEO tips for bloggers


Here are 6 SEO tips for bloggers of all kinds. And one of them is not, "optimize your blog for SEO." That's kind of the whole point.

Share-ability > keywords

Clients are constantly asking us how relevant keyword research is in a blogging strategy. Yes, keywords are still important. Implementing the keyword or key-phrase in your H1, meta description, and image alt tags are necessary.

However, don't focus so much on keywords! If you write an amazing, in-depth, opinionated blog article and it gets shared 1,000 times through social media, do you think it matters how many times you have plugged in "circuit breakers?" Every time you keyword stuff, you're sacrificing any chance of your blog being shared over and over again.

Do this and your blog will be viewed over a million times

There's nothing here. But you can't say that the headline didn't catch your attention. Now, we're not recommending that you lie to get clicks, but at the very least you need to write catchy, creative headlines that peaks the interest of Internet-browsers.

Give the people what they want

Write for the people. When you notice your customers asking the same question over and over, write a blog about it. Give them more details on a product or show them how to use your product or service. Be informative, educational and funny. Remember, getting your blog a lot of traffic can be as simple as writing about something that thousands of people will like and share.

Be visual

SEO tips for bloggers

Enough said.

Promote through social media

We recommend a blog strategy that coincides with a social media strategy. Sharing your blog on platforms where you have hundreds or thousands of followers is the first place you need to go to get clicks, views, reads and hopefully, shares.

You can also post your blogs on other niche blogs, forums or social media platforms.

Get Creative

This is vague, but all blogs can't and shouldn't follow the same creativity rules. First, know your audience, what they want and where they hangout - then, come up with a list of creative ideas to reach them through your blog!

Take ideas and statistics from your personal experience or research, take ideas from presentations, post a self-made video in your blog, create an audio blog or compile as much data on a given topic as you can find.

These are just a few SEO tips for bloggers and general tips on how your blog can stand out. Remember that we live in the information age. There are millions of blogs and other places to turn on the Internet. It may take a little bit of time and work to get people to notice you.

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