How a Retail Business Can Excel at Social Media


Let's say you have a brick and mortar store, or several, and you want to improve your social media presence and get the most bang for your buck - where do you start?

Well first, you need to create brilliantly beautiful company pages on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, complete with high-quality profile and cover photos. Make sure all of your settings are set for privacy purposes to prevent tagging or positing by any spammers (Facebook for example), then start posting some great, relevant posts.

What kind of posts?

Industry news, tips or trends, and occasionally pushing people to your website, of course. Remember to be picture heavy, and use only copyright-free pics.

Know your audience and post content that is relevant, informative or educational to them.

But let's dig deeper. What else can you do to set yourself apart?

Well, to get new Likes and Followers on Facebook, you need to promote your page. It's the single best way to get Likes and Followers which could turn into leads in a short amount of time. You can get a lot from just $5 a day for two weeks, and we can manage this for you. Contact us here.

Then what?

Next, focus on creating more in-depth content. Video, for example, gets 12 times the views and clicks as pictures and is great for engagement and sharing opportunities. If you can't create one, just find one that is already popular and share it. Social media is, after all, about sharing great content.

Don't spam your followers with your products and services. Be aware that most people don't want to be sold to through their social media feed. If you want to push products and services, don't worry - each social media platform has advertising campaigns you can run, separate from the content you create/share. Programs such as the new Facebook advertising options are where you can try to sell directly online.

Finally, don't drop off the face of the planet. You need to schedule or post something at least a few times a week, or several times a day depending on the platform. Continually respond to comments, take follower's suggestions, ask them questions, and so-on. Don't ever look to stop building and managing the relationship you have with your followers.

Your daily, weekly and monthly analytics are important to track as well. Specifically for retail businesses that are promoting and selling products online, you need to have someone in place to track conversions, analyze data, and come up with new strategies.

Contact our social media specialists to learn more, or to see how they can help you today.

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