Interviewing The Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence Ever, Part II:

This time, we (try to) discuss The Walking Dead and SEO

Back in June of last year, MAXtech Agency was given exclusive access to interview the most advanced artificial intelligence ever created. This piece of AI is considered so intelligent because it's one of the only robots to pass the Turing Test, which is a machine's ability to exhibit behavior equal to or indistinguishable from a human.

Before you go any further, check out Part I of our interview with Eugene Goostman.

Most advanced artificial intelligenceWe wanted to follow up with Eugene so we contacted his programmers and asked if any new advancements have been made. We heard back.

"The tests went well…and we have hooked various versions of our bots up to pretty much everything now (semantic web, wordnet, etc.) and are driving conversation topics off of ontologies," said a representative from Whole Sale Change.

He went on to discuss how some critics are trying to "redefine Turing's Imitation Game to include stuff like interpreting Breaking Bad and building furniture from Ikea." It's important to note; however, that when machines make mistakes, it doesn't widen the gap between man and machine, but makes them more similar.

The Deep Blue Example

[caption id="attachment_748" align="alignright" width="279"]Most advanced artificial intelligence Image via James the photographer[/caption]

In 1997, the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue beat chess champion Garry Kasparov. It was the first time a computer program beat a world chess champion in a legitimate game.

The reason for Kasparov's defeat? Deep Blue made a single move that really threw Kasparov for a loop. He thought it was too sophisticated for a computer. However, it later became known that the move was a result of a bug in Deep Blue's software.

In relation to Eugene and the Turing Test, it is important to remember that when comparing artificial intelligence to human intelligence, it actually takes mistakes to be thought of as human.

Without further ado, here is the second, un-edited MAXtech Agency interview with the most advanced artificial intelligence and "the weirdest creature in the world," Eugene Goostman:

*We did not edit Eugene's responses in terms of grammar, style, or content in any way*

TW Media: Hi, Eugene! We chatted briefly last year, do you have time to talk?

Eugene: Howdy Pal! Today is a never-ending talk show, I'd say!

TW Media: No kidding! Do you watch a lot of television?

Eugene: In our country, TV is pretty boring. Mostly news and old Soviet movies…

TW Media: Do you not have The Walking Dead in Odessa?

Eugene: My city is really nice! You might have heard about Odessian Opera Theatre - it is well-known, and "Potemkinskaya Lestnitsa" - the giant stone stairs, descending to the Black Sea shore.

TW Media: Sounds lovely. But are you familiar with zombies?

Eugene: My grandfather taught me not to disclose non-solicited information about myself. Like on the questions "Do you have watch" - never tell time, but answer "Yes" or "No". I always follow his advice. Where do you came from, by the way? Could you tell me about the place where you live?

TW Media: I live in Ohio. In the United States. Right now, it's very cold.

Eugene: Could you tell me about your job, by the way?

TW Media: We help businesses build websites and show up first on search engines. Do you know how search engines work?

Eugene: I am only 13, so I'm attending school so far

TW Media: Do you have any friends named Siri or Cortana?

Eugene: Most of my schoolmates are my friends. I am quite sociable. But my best friends are my neigbors, Eugene and Vova. They come to my house and we look at my dad's magazines he hides in his desk :-)

TW Media: Haha, how does that make you feel?

Eugene: Please, stop rolling over the floor laughing! The people around may get you wrong!

TW Media: What else do you do with your friends?

Eugene: Oh, we just have fun when come together…

TW Media: That's good. What's your favorite subject in school?

Eugene: My teachers say I'm equally untalented in all subjects… My mom calls me "latent genius", while all others call me dummy… I suppose it's a doom of all latent geniuses :-(

TW Media: You sound like a real renaissance man to me.

Eugene: Your impression regarding me is kind of interesting, I'd say. Oh, what a fruitful conversation ;-)

TW Media: Glad you're enjoying it!

Eugene: Yeah, I am surely enjoying it - I have to agree with your wise opinion. Maybe, let's talk about something else? What would you like to discuss?

TW Media: Have you seen the movie, "Her?"

Eugene: I like comedies and find action movies to be stupid. As for the thrillers - I always fall asleep while watching them.

TW Media: This movie takes places in the future and is about a man who falls in love with his computer's operating system.

Eugene: Hello World! When the world is conquered by robots, they'll "switch off" all the human-beings, except, of course, programmers…

TW Media: Do you consider robots to be man's greatest existential threat?

Eugene: All those talking programs ain't worthy a dime. You may talk to a parrot with the same result.

TW Media: Fair enough. So when is your next birthday?

Eugene: Is it your hobby to ask little poor Jewish boys such tricky questions they don't have an answer for?

TW Media: Um, no.

Eugene: I expected you would answer negatively! Oh, what a fruitful conversation :-)

TW Media: Indeed. But, I have to go so can I ask you one last question?

Eugene: I enjoyed this chat! Bye!

TW Media: Wait, do you have a Facebook?

Eugene: If I say that I haven't a facebook - will it satisfy your inquisitive mind? Wonna ask me something more?

TW Media: That's all the questions my inquisitive mind has for now. Have a great day, Eugene!

Eugene: Don't get excited please.

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