How's Your PPC?


Paid search is a great way to be found when users search for a product and/or service. But, like most online advertising, it requires a special skill and process to make the campaign actually receive the desired clicks.

Chances are you are not the only company in your industry participating in Pay-Per-Click paid search. If five clothing companies are all paying for search, and there are only three spots available on the first page of Google, two will be left out. The key to a great PPC campaign is not being left out and appearing before your competition.

PPC management isn't an easy task-just this week Google AdWords rolled out a new "upgraded URL" algorithm for how tracking is done. Now, the landing page URL and the tracking parameters that encompass the destination URL will be viewed separately.

"Additionally, at some point this year, the Destination URL option will be retired, so you might as well start using the Final URL option described below," reported Ginny Marvin.

The bottom line is that it can be very difficult to run a successful PPC campaign that leads to conversions and sales. The solution is with PPC management. For only a few hundred dollars more, you can ensure you have a plan that is producing your desired results.

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