Facebook Tweaked News Feed Yet Again

The latest changes within Facebook's News Feed Algorithm
If you're sick of false or misleading stories showing up in your News Feed, you're in luck - Facebook has planned to reduce these hoaxes. But they need your help, too.

Facebook said in their blog that you now have the ability to report when you see a fake news story in the form of a link, pic or video, similar to how you report spam.

You may have noticed before that your only options when clicking on "Report" were things like, "This post goes against my views", or "It's annoying or distasteful". But if you selected pornography or false news story, it would likely be flagged more urgent - but we can't be sure of that just yet.

However, one thing that's guaranteed is that if a large number of users report the same post(s) as being false, the post(s) will be reduced from the News Feed because of Facebook's algorithms. So, strength in numbers certainly applies here.

The only downside is that users could potentially abuse this tool and bully posts out of the News Feed. It's unclear if there is a system or algorithm in place for that, and we all know if there's a way to hack, spam or bully - some people will find a way.

In the meantime, be sure you know your facts before reporting something, and keep in mind that you obviously won't agree with or like everything in your feed - so you could just push the "I don't want to see this" button instead.

We want to know-have you noticed less fake stories and hoaxes in your Facebook News Feed?

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