The Best Search Engines Besides Google for PPC


You should already know by now that Google is the leading search engine, so if you're not utilizing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) on it, you should contact our experts now.

But what about the other search engines? Are there any worth your time when it comes to your PPC dollars? Absolutely!

But first, why should you utilize PPC, if you're not already? Isn't it too much trouble? Um, not at all! It's an essential part of any company's marketing mix, because it's the best way to buy traffic to your website for the keywords you may not get visits for organically.

So, moving on, what are the search engines that you can utilize PPC on besides Google? Are there alternatives to Google AdWords?

Yahoo! Bing Network

This Network accounts for 30% of the online search share in the entire U.S. So it's nothing to scoff at. Bing Ads are also cheaper than Google AdWords, and even though traffic may be lower, it's high quality. And, let's face it, sometimes quality over quantity is a good thing too.


If you want your banner ads to be put to good use, this is the place. They even say they sell over 6 billion impressions a month. That's huge! They also have transparent practices, which is a major bonus in this industry.

There are tons more, so check out this article by PPC Hero for more.

But the main point of all of this is that you NEED to start utilizing PPC today, and we'd be happy to explain in detail exactly where your dollars go, and how they're best spent. Call today! 800-367-2570

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